blackmail press 33
Amber Esau
New Zealand

Tui Taonga 1-5 Penny Howard
Amber Esau is a NZ-born Samoan/Maori/Irish Poet studying under Robert Sullivan in the Creative Writing programme at M.I.T. She is from the village of Manase in Savaii, Samoa on her Fathers’ side and of Nga Puhi and Kai Tahu descent as well as Galway Irish descent on her Mothers’ side. She has been published in the Maori literary journal Ora Nui.

Thoughts stretched like powerlines
across the night sky. In a tide
of separation then togetherness
in vicious repetition             why
do some memories fade amongst
the sparkling constellations?
Minds may falter but bodies always

tingling goosebumps from the hands
of an Ocean wind

Mango juices spilling from hungry
lips tongues mouths fingers

the soft spoon after
a hard fuck

bodies remember