blackmail press 25
Angeline King
New Zealand

Angeline King is a Wellington writer.
Blue girl

They chose her for the part
because she’s one to watch

you can’t take your eyes off her

You eat her curves
like papaya, like a hot potato

Every time she shakes off her clothes
you can’t help it, you’re delighted

She’s a feast

Her co-star is the kind of man
who seems clothed
even when naked

His penis wobbles
as he talks on the phone
‘Quite so,’ you think, ‘it would

While you’re watching
your lover is rubbing your clitoris
in an off-hand way

You open your thighs wider, trying
not to focus on it, holding your attention to the screen

You’re pretty close
when a guy
is reading a pornographic story

about a woman kissing
another woman’s pussy

and then the man
dressed as a woman
ties the bank guards up

and you come, cooing, so hard
you have to close your eyes

When you look up, it’s all over
He’s got the money in the bag
and heads for the getaway

Sex with Brando

I could feel you shudder
when he said ‘shove your fingers up my arse’

When you fucked me
I could feel Marlon Brando inside you

I confess, I was a little scared

But when I thrust my fingers into you
I could feel Marlon Brando inside me

and I wasn’t scared at all

cast down - mephisto jones