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AKA PC Bully
New Zzzland

Moka's Utu - Penny Howard
AKA PC Bully lives and writes in New Zzzland a "sleepy lil' hollow" in the South Pacific. Since the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement AKA PC Bully has endeavored to keep his wits about him. He has been published in Landfall, Mai Review Journal and blackmailpress,  also known as Doug Poole.

AKA PC Bully & The New New Zzzland
  - to Janet Frames - Intensive Care

It's the New New Zzzland
cutting through the
old new zzzland
to the soft heart
open to exploitation
foreign ownership

Its the New New Zzzland
The day we took the vote
from those incarcerated
did we became a totalitarian state?

It is a very
way of thinking about it...

You got to come at it
Extreme, at obtuse angles,
cutting if you will,
at the very fabric of
old new zzzland.
To the soft heart
open to exploitation.
foreign ownership

It’s the New New Zzzland, New Zzzland
Not the old!
It's guns on hips, & remember
loose lips sink ships.
It’s the New New Zzzland,

& the fires are burning

& the air is sweet.

AKA PC Bully on welfare reform

“If we cancelled welfare to 330,000 people currently on welfare, how many would starve to death? Bugger all.” – John Key – Prime Minister of New Zzzland

How many would…

many supposedly like you
Who grew on the milk
of human kindness

How many would…

hang from an overpass,
crucified, become teenage
drug war enforcers?

How many might...

kill my son/ my daughter?

AKA PC Bully Gets Riotous
- For Albert Wendt & “Vela”

There is a moment
before you step into the Pe’a Cathedral
when children step onto sand bagged streets:
broken headlight glass, food scraps, and faeces.

There is a bunker down end of Mokopuna street.
Bodies piled around the back of Te Whanau Road.
Hopes the decomposition of friends & family
might create an impressionist canvas
for a corporate foyer.

B.Y.O. police escorts to tightly held
self congratulatory occasions. 
The deluded are running the place.
Power generation and water sanitation privatized
for the coke factory and alumni manufacturers. 

Beneficiaries “swappa can” for power/ power for a can.
Holes in the kids teeth can be amalgamated
with dental fly buys.
Rebel held enclaves
descend into hell holes.

Corporations took small holdings every 300 metres
down the boulevard that once held our heart.
Waking up in small towns across Aotearoa
wordlessly geared for an uprising
not really sure of the what for,
rebels with a pause.

Leveling up, coming down, punching it,
filling up, pouring out, gushing right through
the board & framing to just piddling all over the bed sheets.
There is the moment beneath the Pe’a cathedral
when acrid death hits nostrils & burns eyes.

AKA PC Bully’s Storm in a Tea Cup

Cuppa tea John?
Yes please John
More cake John?
Thanks yes John
Sugar John?
One please John
No thanks watching weight
How is everything John?
Not bad, you
Yeah good, polls look great!
Polls John?
Not so good, bloody Brash remarks!
Gone by lunch time John?
Well John you know what they say
What’s that John? 
It’s all about Law & Order John
Cuppa John?
Oh one more
What’s that John!
What’s what?
What this?
Yeah that, in the bag
It’s in the bag John
What the election?
No John this tape recorder thingie
Oh hang about, John do you...
No John what about you?
Probably right storm in a tea cup.
Hey John?
Yes John
Why does the waiter keep calling you John key? 
He Aw, He Aw, He Aw-ays calls me that
Very funny John
Epsom John
Epsom is the key John
Listening John - 1,2,3
Epsom is the key
This thing on?