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Andy Leleisi'auo
New Zealand /Samoa

from: Angipanis of the Abanimal People - Andy Leleisi'auo
The Malo Conversations:

The following text exchanges are between two middle-aged New Zealand-born Samoan friends. Muta lives in Otara, after work he spends his time repairing his 1974 Valiants. Niu is an artist from Mangere and has recently completed a mural on panels for the community centre which they did not like.

Monday morning, May 20th:

Muta – Bad luk abot yur mural uso mayb people can use it 4 a toilet
Niu – Bad luk being born wit one polo
Muta – Wanker
Niu – Wher did yur otha polo go?
Muta – Go fuk yurself


Niu – Rubish colection dis wekend uso push yur cars 2 da curb, put yur life in da glovebox
Muta – Ufa
Niu – Remember when u once said u had a dream 2 own a flatdeck towing truck? U talked abot being yur own boss an being independent. Turn 2 shit did it?
Muta – Fuk u cunt
Muta – I read in da paper artist told to get fuked
Niu – I know i was ther


Niu – Its nitetime. Turn da outside lite off, go inside an gt sum sleep. Those cars r a
         piece of shit jus like u
Muta – Take yur cok off da dog ass got no shame bro go 2 zoo smely ashole ther an wank
         yurself wit yur left hand kio lo mulipipilo ai kae kefe tama valea susu poki
Niu – Malo
Muta – Malo

Tuesday morning, May 21st:

Muta - Fuken coconut get up 
Muta - I got a trailor 2 dump yur panels 4 scrap i kno it hurts but its da rite thing 2 do. 
Muta - More cheaper 2 burn it
Muta – Want sum more coconut cunt
Niu – Yeah bring it on
Muta - Slag
Muta - Dipshit
Muta – Tiny dik
Muta – Wana b arthole

Tuesday afternoon:

Niu – Bro my ass is itchy can u com ova an scratch it
Muta – U com ova i get my dog
Niu – I want u to scratch it
Muta – My dog do it 4 free
Niu – But u got mor experience
Muta – Com ova so i can kill u
Niu – Wot time
Muta – Anytime kefe
Niu – Say a time
Muta – Anytime ufa

Tuesday evening:

Muta – All good bro
Niu – All good
Muta – Did u say u got a blow up doll an needs air uso slow down i get u a vacuum beta 
         sakisaki on yur small dik
Niu – U com sakisaki my dik
Muta – Fuk u komo
Muta – U left yur taro shit 4 brains at da mural
Niu – U stil lift 1 leg when u take a piss
Muta – Im goin to piss an kio on da wall an write wana b was here
Niu – Good. When yur done use da flax in da garden 2 wipe yur ass wit, its da same
         type of flax u wipe yur ass wit at home
Muta – Fuk u wana b
Niu – I kno u on a budget but u don’t have 2 use da same flax ova an ova
Muta – U fuken cok
Niu – Malo
Muta -  Malo

Wednesday morning, May 22nd:

Muta – Hey beta com bak 2 yur mural loks like people r shitting on it
Muta – I go save it 4 u i bring petrol
Niu – Dont 4get da matches r up yur bum
Muta – Fuk dis wall needs cleaning artist wana b
Muta – I sort it out my piss bag full
Niu – Take it easy u only got 1 polo
Muta – U cok
Muta – Fuk up jandal
Muta – Fuken red neck
Muta – Eat shit an die
Muta – Wana b arthole 
Muta – Want sum mor cunt

Wednesday afternoon:

Niu – Useless Muta, Muta da useless how many times u heard dat in yur life uso
Muta – I am going to kio on dat wall ova an ova 4 da rest of my life ufa
Muta – Fuken jandal boy kiss my ass ai kae kefe ufa
Muta – Komo
Muta – Mangere fob
Muta – Fuk u

Wednesday evening:

Muta – Bad news bro da palangi man we saw at mural he having a kio on yur wall
Niu – Its ok he shit in yur car first
Muta – Malo
Niu – Malo

Thursday morning, May 23rd:

Muta – Sole nofo luga moe umi ai kae alu kapega le fale alu fufulu faleuila
Muta – Sole nofo luga alu sue galuega ai kae moe umi lo ufa
Muta – Found new shit on da wall uso
Muta – Com bak n clean yur shit man
Muta – Uso sori abot calling u arthole wana b fiapoko ma ai kae but it’s wot u r a stupid
         coconut who knows jack shit
Niu – Muli elo
Muta – Oi want sum mor mr fiapoko
Muta – Alu faigaluega u lazi jandal boy
Muta – Ai kae
Muta - Faken blak coconut
Muta – Kefe
Muta – Jandal boy go put da lapisi out an put yur skirt on

Thursday afternoon:

Muta – In da toilet an feels good letting u out
Niu – Do u carry a piss bag around?
Muta – Fukn idiot
Muta – Cok suka
Muta – Polo breath
Muta – Juju lips
Muta – Want sum mor jandal boy

Thursday evening:

Muta – Went pass dat shit wall a man said he didnt undastand wot its abot
Niu – U should of suked his dik
Muta -  U left teeth marks on his dik
Niu – No dat was u nobody else has a wider gap in their front teeth
Muta – Kefe
Muta – Piece of shit
Muta – Cat fuka
Muta – Bunga feshie
Muta – Go put yur skirt on
Muta – Fuken 4 eyes
Niu – Malo
Muta - Malo

Friday morning, May 24th:

Muta – Clean da house an fufulu ipu bro cos u cant paint 4 shit
Muta – Fufulu da toilet 2
Muta – Kope sole
Niu – Useless samoan
Muta – Fuk u mata 4
Muta – Ufakomo
Muta – Slut
Muta – Fogi eyes
Muta – Wear da skirt uso
Muta – Go fufu yur banana
Muta – Yeah dats rite cant see yurs
Muta – Lost 4 words
Muta - Shit 4 brains

Friday afternoon:

Niu – Can u ask yur mum if i can move in
Muta – Fuk ass
Niu – But I cant afford rent
Muta – Hold yur cok an pull it
Niu – Go on ask yur mum
Muta – Ufa
Niu – Does she still dress you
Niu - Do wear pants wit only 1 testicle pocket?
Muta – Alu ai lou kio
Muta – Fuken dik
Muta – U bitch
Muta – Mata fuka
Muta – Cunt face

Friday evening:

Niu – U know deep down inside yur cars are worthless a
Muta – Ufa ai kae kui lau kefe kio le muli fuken 4 eyes
Muta – Go fuk yur dog
Muta – An da kat
Muta – Don’t 4get possums
Niu – Malo
Muta - Malo

Saturday morning, May 25th:

Niu – Whrs mr. silly tit
Muta – Cunt
Niu – Oi there he is
Muta – Cok
Niu – Which is it
Muta – Both u mata fuka
Muta – Chiken shit
Muta – Fafa 4 life
Muta – Yep go bak 2 sleep skank
Muta – Mangere bitch
Muta – Okay if i clean yur wall wit a fork
Muta – Then i kio on it
Muta – Then i piss on it again
Niu - U egg foo yong
Muta – Oi u want sum more mata fuka
Muta – Moe kio
Muta – U momo
Muta – Mr midget
Muta – Dog lova
Muta – Da zoo is waiting
Muta – Bring it cunt
Niu – Bring wot?
Muta – Fuken wana b

Saturday afternoon:

Muta – Wot u want 2 borrow my cok
Niu – No u only got one polo
Muta – U cunt
Niu - 1 is da loneliest numba in the world
Muta – U dog face bitch
Muta – Jandal boy
Muta – Fuken cokhead

Saturrday evening:

Muta – Did yur cok grow 2day
Niu – Yes did yurs
Muta – Use yur left hand it mite grow
Niu – U com do it for me
Muta -  Fuken loser
Niu – Malo
Muta - Malo

Sunday morning, May 26th:

Muta – Malo uso fuk u u loser get a job wank yur small cok an say i am a real fafa
Muta – Now u know whose da matai
Niu – U 4get we both matai
Muta – U matai of empty village
Niu – U our village idiot
Muta – U not a matai u still walking wit 2 left feet
Niu – U still walk wit yur dik between yur thighs
Muta – Kefe does da high chief know how to plant a taro or just taukala le guku ai kae freshie
Muta – U taro brain matai from village valea
Niu - U polo matai
Muta - Fuk u fuken sad cockhead ai kae matafucka eat shit and die u fuken 4 eyes cunt

Sunday afternoon:

Muta – Lets be mates
Muta – Did u wash yur skirt
Niu – Did u wash yur foreskin
Muta – They found yur village yet?
Niu – U jus got confused walking around a coconut tree
Muta – Fuk u clown
Muta – Mr backwards
Niu – Kaka brains
Muta – Ai kae
Muta – U cheap coconut
Muta – U fat ugly bunga wit 2 left feet

Sunday evening:

Muta – Wana susu my polo
Niu – Yur one polo?
Muta – Fuken coconut
Muta – Mata fuka
Muta – Kio
Niu – Bum whispherer
Muta – Kefe
Muta – Wana b arthole
Niu - I looked up yur name in dictionary don’t know if u kno but it has several
meanings lik 1 example said yur name refers 2 da hanging dry shit around
an elephants bum         
Muta – Mangere fukwit
Niu - Im serious uso
Muta – Fuken cock
Niu - Anada example was da dry shit around a baboons bum   
Muta – Kiss my ass mata fuka
Niu – Malo
Muta – Malo.


Ai kae – Eat shitElo – Stinky
Fiapoko – Know it allFaiai - Brains
Kefe – FuckwitKio – Shit
Komo – FuckwitMalo – Well done
Matai – Chiefly titleMuli – Bum
Moe umi – Sleep inMuli – Bum
Polo – TesticlesSusu – Suck
Ufa – FuckwitUso – Brother
Valea – Dumb.

Andy Leleisi'auo has always been aware that his visual art has a public agenda. His art is about people and how they get on together, as lovers, as families, as insiders and outsiders. As immigrants. News can be good and bad and it must be lived with. Initially he demarcated injustice, while ranging over the continuity and discontinuity within Pacific heritages. He saw Samoans accepting and rejecting fa’a Samoa because of their immigration to New Zealand. He invented language systems that unite spoken Polynesian and English expressions, and showed how such opposing traditions transform one’s personal identity. He shows how some lives are lived way over the line while also attempting to maintain and affirm love. Inconsistencies are included because opposites always co-exist... Andy’s prescient talent for seeing who we are, what we are like and what we do is a signature of his art. By revealing the ways that the effects of migration still exist within us, he symbolizes an essential characteristic of our culture. (excerpt from essay by Ron Brownson, Pacific Islander Arts curator for the Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand’s national art museum) ................................... The latest body of work marks a culmination of recurring concerns and motifs in subdued, otherworldly environments. These are characterised by a restricted palette of teal wash or horizontal striations, with smudgy black line drawings and small figurative silhouettes. Flashes of white, flaming orange and crimson provide dramatic ignition points in an otherwise cool and moody field. The choice of so much teal and black may, in iconographic terms, be incidental but for non-Kiwi viewers these ubiquitous colours nevertheless convey overtones, not only of the Pacific deep but also of its shallows, exemplified in corporate branding of New Zealand sport and the national airline.

(excerpt from essay by Pam Zeplin)