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Amy Mackiewicz
New Zealand

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Look upward as winter falls,
drifting delicately from atop,
watch the crystals tumble and play,
slowly mind them drop.
With each flutter of wind,
tiny crystals change their guise,
harmonizing with the wind,
they thumble from the skies.
So dalicate they move and dance,
they daintily float around,
holding all attention while
decending to the ground.
Merging with the earth,
a blanket soft and pure,
binding to the branches,
such an eyefull to endure.
Look upward as winter falls,
drifting delicately into sight,
the smallest things hold beauty,
great wonders and delight.


Sweet is the melody
ambling through the air,
as eyes become tedious
the mind does follow.
Leading to a dance
within deep reminiscence.
Masquerade sweeps the floor,
facade surrounds.
Gliding sublime.
Gliding with grace.
Dancing flawless center stage,
until dreams grow dim,
fancys blear as the music fades,
yet memory remains with thee
thereafter melodys grows still.


Luxuria (Lust)
Excessive love of others
runs through you like fire,
A mean to an end
for the out of your desire;
You go beyond your limit,
beyond all extent,
Undue thoughts fill your mind,
yearning for content.
Gula (Gluttony)
Overindulgence of any one thing,
destructive behavoir, excessive craving,
you binge and you binge,
you take and you take
consuming it all, for ones own sake.
Avaritia (Greed)
Worth or plenty,
loot or raid,
Personal gain handles your trade.
Velvet or means,
betrayal or treason,
Personal gain holds the reason.
Gold or silver,
kill or defend,
Personal gain grasps your end.
Acedia (Sloth)
Joyless. Empityness.
A melancholy song heard aside
Hopeless. Bareness.
A lonely dance sways in stride
Pointless. Hollowness.
A somber melody repeats ahead
Useless. Nothingness.
forever following perpetual dread.
Ira (Wrath)
Aroused by a single wrong
shadows fill shades of white,
Strong displeasure running deep
turning to revenge and spite.
Inflamed with harm unto others
darkness covers remaining dawn,
Hatred surrounds what is left,
hope of peace stands foregone.
Invidia (Envy)
Desiring something others embrace
lacking success, furtune or fame,
Flawed of pleasure, Flawed of content,
all or nothing you proclaim.
A thirst to deprive more of theirs
internal awe through minds eye,
Always less then another holds
externally shining, but living a lie.
Superbia (Pride)
Excessive self-love,
deprived empathy
Delight in ones own,
reserve now debris
Mavel in looks,
reject all beset
Hail self goods,
will ensure regret.


Break through to a devine world of creation,
a world of apprehension.
Go beyond your own mind,
defy every convention
prior to reasoning.
Madness is contagious because it is a ringing
note that strikes 'chords' in the minds of followers,
be urged by vision, and create.
Inspiration is involuntary, independent of one's will,
received without any complete understanding.
Idea is fundamentally special,
once a man's fancy gets upon his mind,
common sense is pushed aside.
When muse renders, hold a firm grip.
Inspiration is evidence of genius,
and genius is something that all can take pride in.

Amy Mackiewicz has always had a passion for art and has recently discovered another artistic talent.
It was only in June of this year that she picked up a pen and wrote her first piece of poetry.
Amy has since had works, art and poetry, published in various magazines and online journals, some such as  Eclecticzine, The Writers Eye and Contemporary Rhyme. She hopes to continue to share her talents with those who share her passion."