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Antony Mark
New Zealand

Antony Mark currently resides in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. He lives under his blessed Mt Taranaki and is surrounded by the wild west coastline of northern New Zealand. He enjoys and is inspired by the grounding, simplicity and beauty of the natural world. His poetry journeys to the heart of existence as he explores such themes as grace, passion, love, creation, meaning and that which dances beyond words.

Antony loves to capture such moments of grace and beauty through photography also and enjoys weaving image and words to create artistic expressions.


True Name

Do you know
your own true name?

Not the one given
to you by your
parents at birth

But the one you hear
in the secret whisperings
of your beating heart

The one you hear
as you gaze
upon the dawning glory
of the world

The one you hear
as you run
fleeing from the light

and the one you hear
as you fall
into darkness

Oh yes
there is a much
deeper name
that you have

When you utter
your own true name
the world's story deepens
and you partake
of creation's glory.


Truth will ransack
every room
in your heart
and burn
every illusion you
ever had.

Love in its
purest form
is the bringer
of death
and will bless
the ending
of sorrow.


Whilst I slept
you sang

Warmth in
a cold universe

Where beating hearts
melt mysteries
from passing comets

And form evaporates
from the great ocean
to return as raindrops

What is it
that's whispered
upon my soul.........