blackmail press 34
Aalix Roake
New Zealand

spirits of the forest  Vanya Taule'alo
Aalix Roake returns with new work. Aalix has been busy since last featuring in bmp 16 being published in numerous publications, the most recent being Astropoetica, Shot Glass Journal, the Fib Review, Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry from New Zealand (as Dana Bryce), Kokako, Chrysanthemum, New Zealand 2012 Poetry Anthology, Honorable mention  in  Diogen, Autumn 2912 contest, poem shortlisted in SFPA Dwarf Stars contest, and others. Upcoming in One Hundred Tanka by One Hundred Poets and The World Haiku Association: A Vast Sky.



behind dunes

is a habit

not a choice.

She circumnavigates

everything, jumping

weaving between words

said and unsaid

learned from another

performer, Father perhaps,

she soars safely, she thinks,

held firmly by an almost

invisible wire.


Give it time, you’ll settle in

everyone says.

But when I look out the window

as I wake,

the sight of spiky palms

jars me into feeling alien --

where am I

and where are my fir trees?

Ars Poetica 3

Put your thoughts in print

and have your mind


A random thought

whispers into your mind,


another and catch it

before it slips away


Always tomorrow and again

to compose a sonnet

lyrically, on it

whatever it is or is not

putting it in print captures thought.