S  e  c  r  e  t  s    blackmail press 24
Andre Surridge
New Zealand

Poet and playwright, born Hull, England in 1951, Andre Surridge emigrated to New Zealand in 1972. Two small collections of poetry published, "Estimations Destinations" 1982 and "Wings for You" 1993. Founding Editor of "Waikato Business News" 1991-92. Over twenty stage plays performed since 1974 including the road safety play "Smashed" which toured NZ high schools in 1997-98 with over 250 performances.   André is the winner of several writing awards including the Shell Playwrights Award (NZ) 1984; Lantern Theatre Trust Award (UK) 1987; Minolta Playwriting Award (NZ) 1995; Katikati Haiku Contest, NZ, 2004; 8th Paper Wasp Jack Stamm Haiku Award, Australia 2006; Elizabeth Searle Lamb Award for Haiku, USA 2007; Kaji Aso Tanka Award, USA 2007; Kyoto Museum for World Peace Award, (Haiku) 2007 and is one of the winners of the Tanka Splendor Contest 2008 (USA).

3 tanka

don’t think ill of me
when at last the secret is out
and you discover
you're not the only one
to share in my affections

googling my half-brother
whom I’ve never met
to see how he’s making out
apple of my father’s eye

the old man
tries to make love
she goes
to her secret place
wild swans take flight