blackmail press 38
Ahmed Sieed
Word Up 2014

Ahmed Sieed is a 17 year old spoken word performer with a lot to say.  He has only been performing for about 5 months, but is just beginning to take his words as far as he can go.  All is asks is to be heard. 

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Never judge a book by its cover
I’m seeing that truth and meaning
are both being left undercover
under the cover
in between the words
somewhere between the lines
more a figurative technique
that’ll trigger thoughts in your mind
Your neuro cells will bind like blinds
and create
unexpectedly make
images of all kinds
In todays times we see
children raising children
kids raising kids
I encourage the youth to read
because it seems like all we do is breed
16 years old and shes already conceived a child
our generation is running wild
Easily brainwashed, so
we walk around concealing
that we’re feeling down
coz our brains lost
Its confused
as if the moral code of conduct is no longer being used
we’re being used
used like weak tools
treated like fools
and we don’t have the slightest clue
what to do
what to do!
I challenge you
to open up a book and read
it is guaranteed
yes indeed
it’ll stimulate your brain
you’ll no longer be programmed
to think the same as the rest

you’ll unlock the potential that’ll make you the best
the best of the best
open your mind
and let your imagination go

stop being so

the possibilities to true happiness is endless
Oh if you only knew
what a book could do
that effect that it can have on you
Its like these words
form into hands
and start grabbing you
and your attention
That’s a whole other paragraph
that’s in need of mention
But if it helps to know
reading also
benefits the soul
the oh so thing
that makes these hollow shells