blackmail press 26
Alex Walls
New Zealand

from: Angipanis of the Abanimal People - Andy Leleisi'auo
Alex Walls is an emerging poet who dabbles in maths and has previously been published in Eclecticism, Potroast and The Typewriter.

ratchet and clank

Give me a machine world
The clink of gears and the greased slide of running parts.
Flashing buttons like tacky stars
And green read-out screens.

Give me binary choices: Yes or No, Left or Right
To be or not to be.
Give me plotted routes, synthesized flavours, debugging procedures.
A world of rules and logic,
Backdoors and loop holes
I want Inspector Gadget arms.

Give me robotic men who speak pre-programmed lines:
Did. It. Hurt. When. You. Fell. From. Heaven?
Give me BarryWhite.exe
And engine oil in an ice bucket.
I want to admire your circuits, your perfectly formed fan belt, your
Enormous data banks.

Give me conversations in numbers and
Music in the hum of processors.
Give me the perfectly calculated turning
Of the celestial spheres, the
Exact angles of the orbiting moon, the
Soft sigh of metal in motion.

Give me a machine world.