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Penny Howard and Doug Poole first collaborated for the inaugural “Metonymy Project” in 2008, which joined selected Visual Artists with Poets. The project ran for 6 weeks, the only brief being for the visual artist and poet to work together in creating a piece of art.
Penny invited Doug to view her exhibition “Souvenirs from my Monkey Mind”, at Letham Gallery in Ponsonby, Auckland. This meeting introduced Doug to Penny’s art and the Buddhist teaching of the “monkey mind”. Doug responded to Penny’s art producing a poetic work he entitled “P I C T U R E  C A R D S”, endeavoring to create cinematic stanza’s the “monkey mind” can explore and discard for the next. Penny responded to Doug’s poetry, creating a series of 12 paintings incorporating her own dialogues throughout the work. The connection to family ever present, Penny included her daughter Sybella, son Finn, and Doug’s daughter Waipapa in the work. Families are of importance within Penny’s art, as are the flora and fauna that live within it.
The work produced became “Atārangi Ahau – Shadow Me”, the collaboration was highly commended and shared first equal as the best collaborative project of Metonymy. Judged by an esteemed panel of judges, who were John Pule, Evan Woodruffe, Simona Albanese, CK Stead, Genevieve McClean.
The work “Atārangi Ahau – Shadow Me”, was purchased by Dr Renee Liang and generously donated to the Waitakere City Council, and is on display on the first floor of the Waitakere City Council building.

This second collaboration “Atārangi Whenua” continues the dialogue and creative process employed in the first collaboration. The concept, a conversation, a meeting of two cultures, became a meeting of many, Maori, Samoan, Irish, Scottish, & English. The works produced both poetic and visually are an expression of two different artist’s dialogue of finding ones cultural identity. A dialogue of Whanau/ Aiga, Whakapapa/ Gata are expanded in this second collaboration “Atārangi Whenua”. The works are a voyage in the Va and follow a continuum of time. Commencing from an unknown date somewhere early in the history of the pacific and pulling forward into the present time.
Penny and Doug’s dialogues explore the loss and longing for ancestors and grandparents. Explore family histories of each artist discussing early ancestors, effects of the pacific Diasporas, colonisation, a murder ballad and lament the war in Samoa of 1899. The series of painting and poems trace very personal memories for each artist and attempts, metaphysically, to reconnect the past to the future.

Penny Howard is a qualified and experienced arts practitioner in fine arts, her technique of painting on cut out silhouettes is innovative. Penny places images on metaphoric silhouettes. Folds within the “Va” (the spaces between us all) to launch from. Recreating the emotive forces of memory & reality; metaphor & motion.
Doug Poole’s poetry speak of his “place to stand”, his Aiga and his unique view of “Afakasi Culture”. Being labeled an “Afakasi” (half caste) his journey is to validate the stories and deep love for all things Samoan. Doug’s poetry uses a mix of poetic and prosaic form to tell his unique stories.

Penny Howard would like to acknowledge, Chief Moka Te Kainga-Mataa, Marea Kuri Te Wao Moka, Tom Cassidy, Molly Hewitt, and very special thanks to Barry, Sybella, Finn. Special thanks to Brad and Karina.

Doug Poole would like to acknowledge, Peter Christian Ulberg , Edwina Ulberg- Stowers- Poole,  Sogafai Ulberg, Henry Ulberg, Peter Ulberg, Caroline Ulberg and Albert Fries. Very special thanks to Anja, Jarah, Waipapa, Parone.

Penny & Doug would like to acknowledge the support from Kathryn Tsui & the team at Artstation Gallery, Sandy-Lee Bell & team at APT Gallery & Okai Oceanikart Gallery, Marilyn Kohlhase, Bridget Marsh and Jen Fuamana & Brent Kerehona.

Exhibition details: Oct & Nov 2009


Art Promotion trust (Northland) - Whangarei

Saturday 10th October – Wednesday 28th October 2009

Official welcome 6.00 pm sharp

Arts Promotion Trust (Northland)
The Old Library Building . 7 Rust Ave .
PO Box 959 . Whangarei . New Zealand .
Phone: +649 430 6432  Fax: +649 430 7475

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Atārangi Whenua - Shadow Land

Penny Howard & Doug Poole


Art Station - Ponsonby Road, Auckland

Wednesday 11th November –  Thursday 26th 2009

Official welcome 6.00 pm sharp

Art Station
1 Ponsonby Rd,
Newton, Auckland
Ph +649 376 3221 Fax  +649 307 7645

Manutukutuku o Tangaroa
Moka's Utu
He Manu Aroha te Miromiro
Taipari O Maraea
Posala & Gogosina
Atārangi Whenua
The War of 1899
Molly's Tide
All Artwork Copyrighted Penny Howard 2009

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