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Ashley Goodmon
New Zealand


Bigger Things Than Banking

The other day I sat and watched
An old woman across the street
Laying flowers along side a grave
Then she began to weep

Purely by coincidence
I saw her the next day
All cuddled up to granite
Chatting quietly away

After she left I read the stone
My heart began to thaw
I found a new respect for life
From the inscription that I saw

To my husband of sixty one years
You will always have my love
Thanks for sharing my hopes and tears
Watch over me from above
This man loved life more than life loves itself
Lessons from he we should be taught
Because he found happiness in everything
Not from the things he bought
Never ever did this man
Have two coins to rub together
But he smiled and laughed and sang and loved
In any kind of weather

To this deceased I never knew
I give to thee my deepest respect
Never have I heard anything so true
More beautiful or direct

The Puppet Master

A world of strange and varied things
A world so callous and cold
Know the man who pulls your strings
The man your life is his to mold

For we are all sad little puppets
On a stage torn apart by war
A stage so corrupt that enemies
Lie behind every single door

This theatre is not the safest place
Where sin runs rampant through
Persecuted by your beliefs or race
The mob no longer cares what’s true

So know the man above the strings
Know that he has plans for you
But do let not your strings be pulled
By any man you did not choose

Beds of Benches

What a shattered life he lives
A sad sack of gin, skin and bone
Never let his drunk smile beguile
A hopeless soul without a home

I hope he has had happier times
Merry memories on which to dwell
Of love filled days spent in summers haze
Before life in this concrete hell

But this man brightens up every day
That I pass by while chasing cheese
I need something in this rat race life
Leave be my memento please

Why you ask, does he make me smile?
Like a Christmas mornings ecstasy
For he puts everything into perspective
There's plenty worse off than me

Bio: I am a 19 year old typical immature adolescent male with a love of all things profound or alcoholic.. not always in that order but im trying! I grew up in Aucklands eastern suburbs and was encouraged to write poetry from a young age.This was largely because I quickly found out that poetry was cheaper than actually buying people presents! It also returned a much more genuine thanks than socks or cheap candy ever could.
I encourage everybody to try there hand at it, purely because once its on paper its no longer eating away inside of you.
Thanks for reading!