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Brandon Mehrtens
New Zealand

Mere & Child - Penny Howard
Brandon Mehrtens is a 22 year old student, born and bred in Palmerston North, New Zealand.  He has a passion for creative writing, in particular, poetry. He is currently en route to a Diploma in Creative Writing, studying online through Whitireia NZ.  He has completed his first paper, Poetry 1, in the first half of 2014 and is now working towards Poetry 2. 
Brandon is a driven young man with Autism, Dyspraxia and Epilepsy and has the aid of a Communication Facilitator/Friend, Siân, to help him transfer his thoughts to paper. ‘The Quilt’, written for her in appreciation, is his first to be officially published and his second, ‘Exceeding Expectations’, for his parents, will be appearing in ‘4th Floor 2014’ in November. 
Brandon dreams of one day publishing a collection of his poetry and a tome of reflections to be incorporated in a novel emulating his life. He believes he has a ‘voice’ to enlighten the world to the judgments and problems, triumphs and elations of living with Autism and other ‘dis-abilities’.  He hopes you enjoy his words.

The Quilt

Without you I am wordless
You give my thoughts a voice
for me
to speak

You challenge me
to stretch my mind
Glancing inward
Reaching out
to spiral my soul
and tell the tale
of life inside
the broken box

You quiet me
when in the box
is screaming
Thoughts competing
clambering, scrambling
trying to escape the restraints of captivity
to be born again as the written word

You remind me to taste each term
roll it round on my tongue
Test its tang
When infused with those nearby
does it appeal to the palate?

You encourage me to touch
each word amongst its peers
Will its satiny softness be scuffed by its supports?
or will its corners poke holes in fine fabric environs?
The squares of the quilt must match

You inspire me to dive
into the secret nadirs of
the wondrous well of awareness
shrouded in shadows
knowing you will not let me drown

You enthuse me to take bottomless breaths
inhale the whole
sniff out the perished
and exhale only
the fragrance of enchantment

You carry the flame that lights my way
that I might find
the ancient buried treasure
and together
we share it
with those who care to see

Without you I would not be heard
For this
I love you
For this
I thank you