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Bill Nelson
New Zealand

Enigmatic blue on a weekly basis Andy Leleisi'uao
Enigmatic blue on a weekly basis - Andy Leleisi'uao
I grew up in a small seaside town near Auckland and currently live in Wellington where I am studying poetry at Whitireia Polytechnic under the tutelage of Hinemoana Baker. I have previously published my work in Sidestream, Pulp Magazine and 4th Floor.

10,000 feet

Spiraling down to a green pin
the slim halo of her breath
out of reach on my neck

I see a fan of old coral heads
bleached and browned at the river mouth
a pog of kunekunes
scratching for fire ants in sand.


Spelling “ether” on the mirror
somehow evaporating to wet heat.
A dog roaming outside
sniffs at a burnt-out shack

and a cockerel arcs his throat
stakes a claim
in this small stream of ether.


Strapped to my back and framing with my feet
a volcanic drill-bit slowly
revolving she says

specialise in something
people who do not work here
go mad.