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Bill Nelson
New Zealand

from: Angipanis of the Abanimal People - Andy Leleisi'auo
Sir Roger Douglas says the things politicians daren’t say

“One of the most significant figures of the post-war world”
– Sir Sam Brittain

So he struggles at school
recognising a whole word
   and guessing what it means
from the context of the sentence is not easy
   when you’re six

But there is a picture book to help him

One picture shows a farmer
   riding to town on his horse
We know that’s what the picture is about
because the caption says:
   “Farmer rides to town on his horse”

The boy looks at this
and confidently reads: “The horse likes
   the farmer
riding him.”


Maria was the treasure of the family,
   the princess
But then her father was sent to jail
and a new man moved in

She is vulnerable to sexual abuse
because of her mother’s
Her role model is her half-sister who is pregnant
again, tattooed,
   jobless, living
       on welfare

Her brother has been forced out of the house
  by beatings and abuse
His standard of living has improved
   by going
       on the street
He sniffs glue
and this makes him stupid

Bill Nelson has just completed an M.A. in creative writing at the IIML. The text in "Sir Roger Douglas says the things other politicians daren't say" is lifted directly from Completing the Circle by Sir Roger Douglas.