blackmail press 18
Bernard V Kyle
New Zealand

You  Win  Some..... !

There's a state of National mourning,
In response, to the grief and the woe,
For the ''Auld Mug'' is now but a mem'ry,
And that All Black loss, was a blow.

Now ''Old Nick,'' & mischance, had colluded,
And joined, in an unholy pact,
While Murph' & his Law, had come to the fore,
And hastened, to get in,  on the act.

Yet one should recall, that despite, ruck & maul,
With no matter,  the tears, and the yearning,
Though one be forlorn, the day will still dawn,
And the jolly old world, keeps a'turning.

So Please, don't remain,  too downhearted,
Take pride, in achievements, to date,
For this Land, with just four million people,
Punches right out of its weight...


Now the 'protective smack', that old 'Paddy whack,''
That most, can recall, in their day,
May soon be no more than a mem'ry to store,
If a group of M.P.s get their way.

No more will kids cop, Poppa's old razor strop,
The famed, wooden spoon, will not flout,
The Parental raised hand, is due to be banned,
And replaced, sacre bleu, by ''TIME OUT. ''

But a corrective smack, is no abusive attack,
Its been employed, for thousands of years,        
There's no way that its use, can be classed child abuse,
With the mayhem and murder one fears. 

Will the new legislation, halt murderous thugs ?
Will it goad the child bashers, into giving kids hugs ?
Will it halt todays problems, with the taking of life ?
That's what's intended -- but will it end strife.?

There's a great, rising toll of ''kids out of control, ''
With more,  now expelled,  or 'stood down, '
Will this great new defection, from age old correction ,
Bring more and more crime,  raining down ?

For all's not O.K., with some youths of today,
Growing up as they wish, in their self serving way
Who then can be riled, by the Biblical styled,
''Spare you the rod, and spoil you the child ?''
[Proverbs 13 ;24]


Deeds are reflective and hence the  invective,
With Politicians mouthing plenty of  smut,
The great innuendo needs diminuendo,
In response to the Nations ''TUTT TUTT !!'

For the Country is in need of attention,
And we don't need any one finger wave,
The whole of the mob should get on with the job, 
And the Beehive should learn to Behave.


One should review and never eschew,
The genre of poems that please,
Blank verse you may curse, or even worse,
Vers libre, gets you down,  on your knees.

But 'Joy to the Soul', is the ultimate goal,
There's no  need for any dilemma,
But perhaps one should know,  in the eyes of John Doe
Si metrum non habet -- non est poema ! !

Bernard V Kyle, returns with more commentary and respite from the world of Vers libre!