The Cup is Full

Take me as I am
As the lover of thy heart
Show me the way to your love
O heaven of mine
I adore you
In my love
In my heart of hearts
You and only you dwell
In the deepest part
Of who I am

No one can see us but you
You have taken the truth
Made it your own

How they ask, Through
the power of her love unto me
Forever shall our hearts be
Not in stone but in love
Pressure the soul to let go
Tell it to stop the torture of the mind
In rocks of pain my love, I need you
To help in my torment of love

Say you love me, say you care
Tell me, tell me true
For I love you

I love your way of talking
The canticles of your heart
The morning of your voice
The words of passion
Who live before me
I say unto you that everything
I touch is gold
Nothing can stand in your way, just ask
Ask me to turn the power of our love on
To light the pattern of our walk

Simply ask

I will obey

Cristela Braasch
Is a new poet, we are so excited to share her work - Editor Doug Poole