blackmail press 40
Christina Conrad
first published issue 1

The fecund people - Andy Leleisi'uao 2014
"Long time have I studied the somber jewel of sorrow."


white coral cunt

when we were homeless
every house we looked at
you desired
as if
a woman offered
her rooms
spread out

i am just
a figurehead

in borrowed rooms
my flesh
has grown

i cut up cloth
with blunt scissors
thread rusty needles
with blind eyes
conduct fear
as i slice the collar
off a dying tiger coat

yesterday in a rag pickers market
i saw a white coral cunt
on a plastic dish
midst black bowler hats
mens suits
on wire coat hangers

i asked you for five dollars
to buy the coral cunt
too expensive you said
i've seen lots of these before

alone on a remorseless couch
i fondle
the white coral cunt
put it in
my glow mesh
put it in
my long pink bag
put it in
my black