Chris Parsons
New Zealand

Karakia Precari - Penny Howard 2016
Chris Parsons is a Christchurch writer whose work has appeared online in Blackmail Press, Snorkel and The Typewriter and in print in JAAM, Poetry NZ, Southerly, Takahe and the Otago Daily Times.
Newton's third law

my bones are still
brittle with English chalk
and my blood strong
with its red clay

my avian frame a
kite restless for pale winds
lifts me away from this  new land
but senses and  DNA are pushing

downward with bright berries
and strange leaves.
the calls of birds
are in my words

and I'm caught halfway
echoing your golden words
by the fare-welled stones
watching airplanes go

flights of silver Godwits
I am calm somehow content knowing
cords knotted  into physics of hollow bones

will slowly wind them back
as northern suns fade
their hearts will fly
towards the Pacific's warmth