blackmail press 34
Charmaine Thomson
New Zealand

spirits of the forest  Vanya Taule'alo

The thing is, we started out
with idle adventures
but we have compressed and compressed
these nights

a semi permanent tourist,
this will be another timely thing
before every memory
is packed away

I don’t know if regret is necessary
but I won’t regret these uncommon days
with you, and you will remember
everything lying down

A Lutheran family album

Riding in the middle, seated
on the undesirable bump
we arrived as familial
flotsam, greeted by
oily seals and angry crabs

it was a short stay, under
the mountain, spotted by
measles and monsters under
the bed, who hid
below my fretful feet

I fell off
my bike dare devilling
to keep up, losing more
than teeth, starting school
prettily and pony tailed

flying to heat
and taller trees, fortified
and swinging out over dry skies
in a land of rabid sharks
behind every door frame

a mother shouldn’t suffer
tribelessness and loneliness
dressed up in geisha
arrangements, for privileged
golf carts and entitled suits

no children needed to be
uplifted and transplanted to a
past, that was shrinking
from colonial cringe, ink wells
smaller than childhood desks

here we stretched out as far
as the ferns would curl, away
from common things, less
than strangers and more
than framed portraits

to the sightless unbeloved

we find ourselves here,
without motion you
entered every window
every refuge

some still occupation,
in that omission
was artless

at the edge of all that
you stretched out the past
to dwell here
as an artefact
no more intention
than a convenient god
circling prayers
like a tourist

though darkness covers
a multitude of lights
hung from far away
tomorrow is coming

Charmaine Thomson lives in Wellington, New Zealand. Charmaine has studied performance music and education in the past. She has been published in New Zealand and United States publications including the 4th Floor Literary Journal, a fine line, The Blackmail Press, The Shot Glass Journal and the Fib Review. She is interested in exploring the connections between composition and poetry.  In 2012 she published her first collection of poems, Licorice, as a paperback and an e book on Smashwords,
She is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University.