blackmail press 34
David Barnes

spirits of the forest  Vanya Taule'alo
David Barnes has been an active poet since1996 and published in Australia and at many online poetry venues in America, England, and France. His work has appeared in Paris/Atlantic, anthologies released in 2001 & 2002 by Empowa Inc, Firefly Magazine, Anthology Number (ll), Inside Out:  A Gathering of Poets, Blackmailpress, and The Australian Journal of Arts, Ethics & Literature: Issue No. 12. He also publishes and edits a poetry journal called Numbat pdu.

equilibrium within

strange how days
years fall as leaves
we walk the earth
across horizons
paths ordained,
decreed by fate's
vermicular finger.
time shedding youth's
to frail actuality.
In the symmetry
of the universe
is not death
the equilibrium
of our future
being ...

Précis of a life

Shade moves to the rise
and fall of the sun ...
It has no profile, no force
shape of its own

… Only variable, motion

yet casts a never-ending array
of intricate patterns
shifting across variable  landscapes

And I shall not be in rage
when my light fades
as the sunsets settling glow

... Who will ever know?

I basked in sun ... shadow soothed
In twilight

let the glitter of stars
fill my eyes
at the fading of my gift

… life’

In Hospice

Flesh asleep twists, wrestling
winding-sheets whiteness, darkness
invaded cells,
shrouded flesh ignites
stark mental images.
nothingness glides,
cold, damp,
soaked in fabric,
clasped to lightlessness...
a trance alone,
lost to the world, immersed
in nights existence,
Phantasmal sheets of flesh:
feigned reality,
twinned in night's illusions,
corridors-winding, night’s offender
images within a mind...