blackmail press 40
David Eggleton
first published issue 23

The fecund people - Andy Leleisi'uao 2014
Belief in the Pacific

Yes, night’s nowhere, that’s where I sleep,
till the sun wakes, stretches, begins to burn,
greeting me when my dazzled eyelids leap.

Sunday’s hymns laze on a blue horizon.
Cloud feathers like white sand as ants seethe
across wide leaves, across yellow fronds’ weave;
and coconut trees vault green to the sky’s
clang of church bells.

A man consults
his Bible, thumbs gilt like a hitchhiker,
smooth brow filled with calm lagoon light,
though engine drone drowns surf’s slow sigh.

From sleep’s hurricane my mind heaves
forth island maps, and I’m this wind-drifter
on a frayed mat, dreaming of a comeback.