blackmail press 40
Dean Hapeta (Te Kupu)
first published issue 9

The fecund people - Andy Leleisi'uao 2014
Why I Don't Cry

Why don't I cry
For the people indeed I shed tears
But for the USA
I'm all cried out
For the children in Iraq
For the people in Panama
For the land called Vieques
For the Coca growing in Colombia
I'm crying all the time.

Don't talk to me about terrorism
without knowing the slaughter of Indigenous
Yesterday, Today, and Tommorrow
Don't ask me why I don't cry

Now that the big terrorist has been hurt
Now that the arrogance is unsure
Now that the ignorant fool see its fruits
Now that the proud and haughty make threats
Now that the real war mongers feel the pain
All I feel is more of the same

A mad dog so-called Superpower is now completely off its lease

Nows a time to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Nows the time to know the reasons, the causes
yet the war monger seeks not to understand
But vengeance only grips its mind

That peace is not really sought
That empty bravado is visible
That simple words of Justice and Freedom are voiced
That Terrorism is now their excuse for their Terrorism
That they suppose justice is what they seek
That America still won't admit its Global evils
That the cries of those killed by the USA
Yesterday, Today and Tommorow are silenced
Dont ask me why I don't cry

So a failing Democracy can continue
and so perverse Wealth and Poverty is held reasonable
All I feel is more of the same

Deaths in Baghdad, Deaths in Palestine, Deaths in New york City
Yes, its just more of the same
and for more of the same
I sigh
and well, I suppose after all
I can even cry