David Ingram was born in Devon to a mother who read poems to her twins, in the womb.  He spent 10 years seafaring (navigator), 32 years bookselling (David's Bookshop) and 14 years teaching sailing. A poet these last 7 years.  
  S  e  c  r  e  t  s    blackmail press 24
David Ingram
New Zealand

Family Life

We learnt young
about separation, dad

tethered north-east
inspecting aero-engines

us twins isolated south west
mum feeding soldiers

U.S exiles encamped
on a windy hill-top

our refuge under the table,
cornered in the canteen.

Beneath the tasselled cloth
we listened, heard distant voices

came to know cunning deceit,
diplomacy how to hold the tongue

when questioned
learnt the advantage of ignorance. 

Too soon we discovered
the arts of survival.