blackmail press 38
David Rennison
Word Up 2014

David has been writing for the last 7 years.  He does many random things too numerous to mention, but it’s all poetry.  He writes about the world and nature, and wants his words to inspire people. 

The watchers

Night has fallen upon the hill
The forest lies so silent, still
A full moon rising
and small cells dividing
Nothing moves, save owls and trees
But listen, hear what that horn decrees
A troupe of men running
The Earths heart drumming
Can you hear the women?
Chanting, singing, dancing
Rising higher and higher


A single star falls
Towards the chanted calls
Impregnating the woman
Letting her speak better than
Man or God alone
Or bird, beast or stone
The mother speaks tonight
Teaching her son what is right
He knows the tools
with which to rule
sword and stave
who to save?
Cup and stone
Where to roam?

There are choices to be made
Else you too shall fade
Rise up painted one
Too long you have run
Know thyself
And name thyself
Stand up my child
Be one with the wild
The son turns to face her
And names himself
Shadow chaser