blackmail press 37
David Stavanger

David Stavanger's poetry & writing has been published in various Australian and international magazines and anthologies. David won the Arts QLD Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize in 2013, resulting in the collection 'The Special' to be released by UQP this year. His performance alter-ego Ghostboy has established himself one of Australia’s most innovative spoken word artists, incorporating elements of performance art, music and cabaret. In 2012 David was invited to be QLD’s Workplace Writer in Residence as part of the National Year of Reading. David is also Australia’s inaugural “Reader in Residence” based at Brisbane Square Library throughout 2013/14.
in the palace of broken men

there are few women
mothers call on the weekend

new friends come by in the night
the only language second hand vinyl

t-shirts swapped, beers opened
brief pats on the back and surnames

meetings are held on the threshold
the kitchen is the best place to talk

sighing is the first act of the morning
in the toilet books but no paper

rat baits but no rats
an unnamed smell in the bedroom

bins put out not brought back in
defective fans in the middle of summer

can’t locate documents when required:
a birth certificate photocopied five times

two television points but no aerial
picture of a couple drowning in a boat

random toys underfoot, many are broken
the constant drone of recollection

opening the back door slowly
to let out the muttering light

Note: this poem is from "The Special" forthcoming  from UQP in 2014

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