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Donna Quesinberry, USA
Technical writer, consultant and literary professional, raising five children. Managing a household filled with three black cats, one grey kitten, a chinchilla, and rabbit.
After earning a Dual Batchelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Computer Science. A Certificate of International Affairs (focussing on Eastern Europe and the Middle East). Numerous Computer Science Certifications, a Certificate of Court and Conference Reporting, over 500 Hrs of Theological Study, and a Quarter of my MBA. I am now working toward a masters Degree in Spiritualism.
Poetry provides a repose I gain in no other pursuit.

Jon's Faire

Twine and cord
grappled with it all day
walked the dog
mothers reproach
an echo
permanently captured porch

then ledge.
Steaks thawed.
Dual dining
with singular exclamation,
no appetite will
go undone-
he's unleashed.
Focused on Sony Playstation
moment of
the gift.
Mary's acid played

an Oasis tune on repeat
twenty dollars
hard and worked savings to
count on. Mary, mother.
She leaves a message
someone else's line handles the blame.
Pledge-dusting done.

Plaque reads: good son
grandma rests next door.
Grass blows sweet
anchored with salty water
oak leans close.
Sony people linger
view new neighbors
names, dates, history.
Warning them to go easy
bringing clouds down
sending their son home.


Ancestral photo's hang
spirits sleep here
whispering on this soft air
their auras surround
full exposures
of silent memories.

Those Lilliputian dressed feet
reside under modern ankles now.
Party dresses, pressed trousers,
those ties leer
from seaside cliffs
Coney Island cavalcades
and backyard vigils.

Young man's cap
laced boots,
vests, and festive blouse.
He stands alone.
Tall in creeping snow
smile never departed.
Specters of lingersome impression
see through afterlife veils
to quiet reserves of living
not-so-white walls
overwhelming art.

Subtle thinness
of covert separation
carry the moments.
Naked folly residing over
bent shoulders - warped knees.
Candles hued
incensed native rites
staking claims.

lasting reunions
then relative and blanched futures.

Imbued ascendant
now cherry ripened lives
flushed sage
housing melted minds
an eternal consciousness
their randomized geniuses.
Touching benefactors to aid
rather message
the volumes obscured.
Seeking generations
their deliverance
and hoped for re-generations.

Tinged Bassinet - with verbs

Puerto Rican
exposes his dirt pile
in brushed briars.
Oh... virgin loss
with fears muffled
under his fleeced coat.
Wrestlers pin delivered
slopped mouth drippings
of nippled bruises, and
leaf filled crevasse.

Impasse - no awards.

Desert boots skated down
glassy pasted hardwood
to that frigid landing,
being basement floored.
Doped laughter remained
chicken necked hideous.
Belted parents, those
pubic inquest sentries,
raised lesions.
Grade: diapered seven.

Impasse - no escapes.

Uncle festered his
little tittied cutesy,
past momma to
a modern turf.
Sickened stomach and
stoned smiled hostage.
High achiever, their
cipher stealthed lordette,
housing ulcerated bowels
remained... road kill pretty.

Impasse - no communion.

All works Copyright Donna Quesinberry