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Emma Currie
New Zealand

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Emma Currie, aged 30, student at The Hagley Writer's Institute, have written poetry for 17 years, trained back ground in journalism. Find it empowering to write about my experiences.

Safety of Bones

She is told she must eat, food is fuel
That will stoke the fire deep within her belly
But food burns her, like flames. The hot
Licking orange, red whispering in smoky tongues
She is fat, round and robust as a rainbow lollipop
That children like to suck, they say she sucks
Roly poly laughter growing until it becomes obese
As they see her smile melts, if only, if only
She thinks if I was skinny the boys would kiss
And everyone would love me
Like she loves the safety of bones
Concave stomach held by piercing hip bones
Scapula, humerous, radius, ulnar, safety in arms.