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Emanuel E. Garcia
New Zealand

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Emanuel E. Garcia is a physician and writer.  His novella "Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Hamlet" will be published in 2008.

Ramon Fernandez Declares His Sanity

Always before the massive door is swung
The curtain flutters and I see their eyes
Like ghostly embers trembling on the pane

A sudden metal click -- and
what a troupe has gathered
at the entranceway to infinite space!

"You are welcome, masters, welcome, all!"

They cough and shuffle towards my mattress
Skirting  the bedpan and the paper cups
Neatly arrayed between the sandwich crusts
(I am fed and watered well)

Then down to business, smiling all:

Do you hear voices?
Do your thoughts race?
Are you feeling suicidal?

The usual ...

I sit up -- slowly, to avoid alarm -- in readiness to proclaim:

Yes, yes, yes, of course! Do you take me for insane?
Who can be deaf to the melodies of conscience? 
Whose mind slow-witted by the clamour of all living things?
Whose heart so hardened to the suffering of innocents
It would not wish to still in sympathy?

Instead I grin and shake my head.  They are relieved.
They leave the door ajar when they depart.

Beyond their reach
The pontoon seagulls sing and cheer
My journey, wave to wave, from shore

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

Quiet nights of
Seldom speaking
Breath to breath
Above our heads

As our wrinkled
Souls' communion
Carries on
Its cheerful quest

We will learn
Each other's future
In the space
Where frailty treads

In the grace of
Lips' commingling
There is no more
Fearful test