blackmail press 26
Emma Farry
New Zealand

from: Angipanis of the Abanimal People - Andy Leleisi'auo
I am a Lebanese New Zealander - my dad is Lebanese and my mum is Scottish Kiwi. I am a hybrid and my poetry reflects the bloodlines that converge in me. My husband and our two boys moved to Broklyn, New York four months ago. I won a green card many years ago and it was about to expire.
My first novel, "Redemption" was published in New York by Face to Face Press in 2002 and I have had poems published in an anthology called "Voices of Brooklyn" in 2001.


Revenge is all that remains
In my heart
A grandmother waving
A white teeshirt
Still brought death
Two babies
Shot and left
To die
Another, Suhar
Four years old and a wheelchair for life
And there is no life here
Just hatred and war and revenge
And we live
Broken hearted
In the rubble.

Silver Spiral

The coiled serpent
Silver and gold
Time has come

She rises rainbow colours
Red for the blood of the ancestors
Orange for the renunciant
Yellow for the promise of spring
Green for the future
Blue for the oceans
Indigo for the children
Violet for the women

She comes
Uncoils her silvery body
She will teach us the old ways
She will lead us to spirit
She will nurture and heal us all

The hidden one
She has slept for the millennium
Now she awakens
Sends messages to the molten larva at the core
And out into the stratosphere

Slowly she rises from her
Her spinal base
Purifying at every level
She has time
She is the silver serpent

She is the destruction of our ignorance
She is the deep silence of the mountain
And the loud rumbling of the volcano
She is the knowledge of the heart
She is the disciplined mind
She is the bringer of balance
The righteous one
The gentle one
The mother
The friend
The rainbow giver
The great equaliser
The builder of dreams
She is the one we have been calling
The one we have asked for in the depth of our despair
She is the sound of the om
The laughter of the child

She is ferocious
She will bring down whole civilizations with her love
With great compassion she uncoils
Moves gently up
Through our bodies
The crown her goal

Like a comet
Like a million stars
She will show us who we truly are
She will unite us with herself
Our mother
Our universe.


Soft light
ancient light
as boys hold hands
and lead a donkey
up a rocky mountain road

The welcoming of the outsider
feeding her
loving her
making her almost a part
a certain kind of pride
wrapped in love

A resistance to be governed
authority of the tribe
the only one
worth dying for

And death as part of a dynamic life
in service to passionate beliefs

Deep remembrance
and resonance
with justice

Black and white
worthy and unworthy

Olive trees
witnesses to 
the body of christ

as old and silent
as the sun-baked

deeper than the caves
that sheltered the ancestors
magical waters
drip drip dripping
from sheer rock

ancient goddess
housed now
only in museums
and over the doors
of the oldest churches

Covered now
take time

The golden light
retreats slowly
and the darkness too
has its beauty.

July, 1999

Two constellations crashed
We shook through what we had no name for
Energy exchange is what we agreed on
But that was too tame
Not enough passion in those two words
To describe how we crashed and mingled
And spread between each others particles
With ecstasy our only guide
To this place of foreign pleasures
Outrageous truths
And the relief of coming home

Beyond the bodies we had chosen
And through the bodies we instantly knew
To our place of togetherness
An end to the longing
The start of a marriage.