S  e  c  r  e  t  s    blackmail press 24
S e c r e t s
blackmailpress 24

E d i t o r i a l

I have lots of secrets.  Some secrets I have carried for a very long time.  So if you find one, it is special. 

Some of the secrets I have kept have defined me, or the periods they were kept in.  They have bonded

and they have broken.    They have held me apart and they have held me together.  They have been used

and also used against me.  They have kept me safe and they have caught up with me. 

What twisted knots we make of ourselves.  We cannot resist.  They are beautiful to read about though. 

And also, I suspect, beautiful to write.  

The poems in this issue strike me, firstly, as brave.  Secondly, they quite simply strike me.  There are 59

poets published in Secrets.   These are poems that deal directly with the issue of secrets, poems that

reveal a secret and poems that contain secret moments –  things that would otherwise be private or


Many thanks to the poets who have contributed to this issue and to Doug for extending me the invitation.

It has been a pleasure.

Miriam Barr