blackmail press 26
Fritz Buijn
New Zealand

from: Angipanis of the Abanimal People - Andy Leleisi'auo
Captain Aluminium and the Gull

"Toe toe
like the discarded arrows of the sun
bite at the wind
and heart
Here -
midst the gathered flax
rest, now -
The kuia, will weave your memory warm
Why awhi absence -
At river's end
At river's end.

All your oceans ran full
and you -
this grinning Dutch walnut
half - cracked
running at the Gods
of moon and time.
Your kingdom -
a warm coke, a thigh-white cigarette -
and the tug of the net
on a turning tide.
I weave -
I weave -
I weave your memory warm.

my Captain Aluminium
like a mosquito
on the skin of the night -
You uncover sleep
as a memory
and cradle me
in the quiet mantra of the gull -
Still you weave
You weave
You weave your memory warm".

Hutia te rito o te haraheke.
Kei hea te komako, e koe e ko?