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Fait Muedini

Four Steps To Standing on a Horse - Penny Howard - 2014
Dr. Fait Muedini is a faculty member in the Department of International Studies at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States. He is also a Fellow at the Desmond Tutu Center for Peace, Reconciliation, and Global Justice at the Christian Theological Seminary and Butler University. His poetry focuses on themes of Sufism, love, and time.

Love’s Independence

What else could be bothering you?

Don’t you know that death is absolutely not the most fearful outcome
In a young man’s life?
What could be worse
Than suppressing love?

The one who is afraid to dance
Might as well go shrivel up in a corner

You know the rest.

Watch the free spirits
Status is meaningless to them.
And the shyness of their feet flaunting doesn’t mean a thing

They care about nothing else
Than singing and pronouncing

Not their arrival
Or presence
But only the love that has temporarily decided to become housed
In their souls.

Don’t you know,
That the soul cannot ‘own’ love
Nor can the temporal body?

Love itself is independent

Don’t fool yourself

Dancing is not your choice

Love dictates what you shall do

And when.

Free will is clearly an illusion
Guided by God,
Who told Love to control the world and all its contents

What an Excellent Choice!

So think that you are better than him
But realize that sooner or later
If love finds dead land in your soul
It will most surely migrate to more fertile space
And at that point, there will be nothing in the world that you can do to cultivate any sort of feeling.

The farmer dances with the soil
For no other reason
Than because

Love Says So.

The Prophet

The writer feels nothing
And thus, will write nothing.

No need to carry out a scam
Playing with the hearts of his followers
Who wait religiously for some sort of sign
To unlock secrets of the heart.

True messengers are better than that.

The writer is not misleading his readers
But rather
Is saying

‘Create yourself
God is within you too!’

Sometimes the teacher sits back
And says nothing,

Allowing the students to find themselves.

These are the best of lessons.

Haunted Trinity

How many sleepless nights

were taken by the devil of sorrow?

The one who’s best friend is nostalgia

Who’s cousin

Is Regret

The haunted Trinity:

Hell’s address.

The demons cannot in any way stand lovers

Whether they are united

Or ‘separated’ by time

And space (or at least a perception of such)

Unspoken emotions

Might as well provide fuel to the fires of

Your own soul—a favorite hiding spot

Perform an exorcism

With a few simple words

Use ‘love’ as your Baraq,

And enter into the 7th Heaven

This might not mean what you think it does
Fairy-tale endings are misnomers
At least their frequent portrayals

The beloved does not need to provide anything in return.

Rebuking your declarations

Makes you no less alive

And no less in love

The Pens’ Uprising

One day

The pens will revolt!

For they are tired of your pretentious pandering

Your hate speech

Their blood spilled all over their earth,

for nothing!

There will be consciousness objectors in your unjust war, I tell you

They will withhold their commitment to “be”
in order to ensure no more nastiness is written

All in the name of writing!

Whether they become draft dodgers
by escaping to a place where you can never find them

Or handcuffing themselves under their cap for as long as possible

Others may carry out a boycott, unwilling to spend a drop of ink
despite all of your attempts

Not in their name!

Or more drastic yet
a few may even commit suicide
by spilling their blood all over your shirt pocket

They will take no more

All in the name of love.

You Will Wish

You will wish to speak to a younger self
Showing him your cracked skin
And droopy eyes
And everything else that breaks down--
With an old, used and rusted car
And say:

“Stare at me the same way you awe in front of a wonder
Or how you froze when you saw your Beloved for the first time.”

Don’t break your gaze—a General, telling a private who knows not what is good for him—
Your seriousness is the water that will drown your passion
Youth suggests a form of freedom
But how quickly the sun sets, and sets, and sets, and sets
One rising moon after another.