blackmail press 18
Grant Goodman
New Zealand
I am a middle-aged businessman who took to the arts as part of my midlife crisis. During the crisis I did a BA (Humanities) and fell in love with poetry and decided to have a go at writing it myself. I often write poetry while waiting to see clients. Poetry has opened my eyes to a completely different world from that of science and business!


The new ambrosia
Dark pungent brew
Surrounded by the urban glitterati
I muse

Spot the type
The flat white, insipid and weak
The long black express to go
The cappucino fluffy blonde
And me
Surrounded by the maelstrom
Of life

The Submission

Tonight afeared
I sent my first offering
To the gods of poetry

A burnt offering
Conveyed in bits and bytes
But real to me

And now the wait begins
For my first rejection
It weighs me down
or not?

Away to bed
perchance to sleep
as rejection wends its way
to my inbox