blackmail press 22
Grant Goodman
New Zealand

Grant Goodman is a middle-aged businessman who enjoys literature and poetry as an avocation. Grant is interested in the power of poetry to turn the mundane
into the sublime.
Grant has previously had his poetry published in Blackmail Press (Blackmail 18).

On Reading Baxter

The fire of the poet
Leaps off the page
And into my receptive
Inner man

His poems not those
Of an arid didact
But of a seer
From another land

Jim/Hemi still
Evokes the prophetic vision
Of that nearer

Now and Then

Now I am renewed
Then I was unnew, old and dark
shrivelled up
Now the sun shines
but then it was hidden
No daystar arose in my heart
Now I am thankful
But then I was full of dread
Scared that there was no end but death
Now I live each day to the full
but still in the shadow of my destruction
Written 11/08/2006 - Reflections on my experiences
with depression. I am well and happy but the shadow of
my fight with the noonday demon is now a
part of me.

Car versus Pedestrian

I was
out walking the dog
discussing the future
with the wife of my youth
a car
came around the corner
gleaming white
and hit me
all my plans
as nothing
before the
of lurking death

flying thru the
air with the
greatest of ease
the ground broke
my flight
my fall
and five
of my

new views appeared
interiors of ambulance
emergency department
of X Rays
and wards
i lived
and hurt
and bled
but thank god
i am still alive

Now my future plans
will be less long term
and contained
in the moment
that O so
suddenly heralds eternity