blackmail press 21
Glenda Kay
New Zealand/ Niue Islands

crossed cultures - special issue

Oh to be free
Like that
Trim and fit
Not an ounce of fat
I watch as she jogs by
Oh lord, how time does fly

The weighted days
Could have never dreamed
I still long for places
Left unseen

Sitting here
In self made despair
I try to think
Of what I’ve got
To wonder less
Of what I’ve not

The not
Was meant for me
Somehow lost
When I married
The children born
The dreams long gone
As we suburban
Soldiered on

Parental duties
Long in the night
We would always fight
It wasn’t long
Before he was gone
Then I alone
To keep this home

New Schools
Car pools
Saturday sport
Sunday mass
Dinner making
House painting
Lawn mowing
Costume sewing

Where the hell is my life going?

Could I, should I
Run away
What will the friends
And family say?
There is no one here
No one to share
No one to care
Of course we dare

Dare to,
Live the dream…

White sandy beaches
The outer reaches
Of the turbulent Pacific

Albert Wendts
Got nothing on me
I much prefer
My fantasy
Single Palagi woman
In Samoa
Not the usual theme heard
In Aotearoa

Tropical rain
An outside shower
No suburban pain
Frangipani power

Ukuleles at Dawn
Sa on Dusk
Spirit free
Respect one must
To be here
To share
To care
For the ways
Of the Polynesian cradle

Rocking us gently
As a loving Mother
This child
Back to life
Keeping us safe
And warm
In the perfect social climate
For a tired single mother

Rejuvenated with laughter
Refreshed with drink
Revived by friendship
Restored by faith
Revisited by lover
There is no other
Than I now

Running free
Life fit
Well trimmed
See me run
See me fly
Again this girl
With aspirations high

Wellington you cold bitch -

Wellington you cold bitch
Let us in
I’m tired
My babies are hungry

We came back
For you
We came back
To you
Why won’t you let us in

We spent time with our Polynesian brothers
We spent time with our Polynesian sisters

I saw you there
With your briefcase of knowledge
Clutching eagerly your ticket back home

Did you try to learn a Siva
Or were you there to train the people to waltz
A merry dance of aid and diplomacy
Perhaps just a quickstep or two
Keeping cultural partnerships
For dancing with the stars
New Zealand style
Or is that a regional show
With Australian funding
And Kiwi puppets
To entertain the brown skin locals

It worked in Timor
How was Tonga
Is there a tour of Fiji planed?
It’s getting old now in the Solomons
What will the creative directors do?
Survivor Tokelau
Fantasy Niue
Or Bougainville 2

This Desperate Housewife is getting bored
Of status anxiety
Bowling for columbine
And the truth about 9/11

Let us in you cold bitch

I’m tired
My babies are hungry

We came back
For you
We came back
To you

Its time you let us in

Featured Artist Fiona Holding