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Grace Taylor
New Zealand

Four Steps To Standing on a Horse - Penny Howard - 2014
Grace Taylor is a poet, spoken word artist and teaching artist of Samoan and English heritage. This Auckland raised afakasi women has been playing with words since she was 14 years old and performing since 2007 from South Auckland to Edinburgh. Co-founder of the first youth poetry slam in the country "Rising Voices Youth Poetry Movement" and teaching spoken word. Grace debuted her first collection of poetry "Afakasi Speaks" in 2013 with Hawaiian publisher Ala Press. She will feature in the Auckland Writers Festival 2015 and debuts her one women theatre show "My Own Darling" with Auckland Theatre Company in October 2015.

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'Afakasi Speaks'

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Full blood rush running
for months
tear soaked till I am
bone dry

I return
to the ocean in me

exchanging salt for salt

my lips drenched wet enough
they become dry
silencing my speech
offering me the chance


I am held
by the weight of what I can’t hold
knowing I am enough
aches, pains and all that is ungraceful

this moment
so rare

Storm of a Woman
(inspired in a Apirana Taylor workshop)

Hissing glass laughs
slap her face
as the gods throw stones
at her empty bucket

Her arms house voices
full fat as horses veins
bulging rock solid

She presses her feet
deep into the bloody grass
soaking up crosses of fallen men

A storm of a woman

Mother Genealogy

I am of a Mother genealogy
holding others
like skin to bone
our love
the muscle your flex and stretch
women conditioned to the ache
not allowed to break   

We have become religion

A lineage of
the good women
too good to hold on to
the good women
you feel you can’t live next to

too long

We know how to love
but too often say goodbye

The mother
that became your father
not by choice

Born with forgiveness milk on our tongues
we fore-give before we have even begun
give for you
for you I give
always pouring
for you

You like it when I speak like this
empowering you
you like it when I spill like this
offering to you
haven’t I offered enough to you?

A Good Woman’s work is never done
even when she feels un-done