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H Mark Webster
New Zealand
H. Mark Webster is a New Zealand poet living and working in South Korea . Noteworthy influences on the shape of his verse and thought have been the works of Paul of Tarsus, Henry Morton Stanley, and Yuri Lotman. Some few places which mean something to him are these next: Tongariro, Awahuri, and The Seven Dials. Previous publishing credits include poems in printout, elimae and Poems Niederngasse.

5 Untitled Works

heaven is for geese

they bitch and moan

the industrial chemist

fuzzy, discursive

the stupidity of his upbringing

hope for death in the orchard

something from the Rose society scrapbook

the bowser


he devoted his early afternoons to Victorian poetry

my victims are upper-class

I take pictures of their suffering from a high place

same navel string

the coxless fours

landscapes impregnated with legendary meaning

do not confuse the severity of God’s mercy

Louis Quinze

the null hypothesis

her body

a cushion on the mudflat

knuckles off-white

perform the teapot

Luther, Schillebeeckx

waterfall again