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Helen Tionisio
New Zealand

Mere & Child - Penny Howard
Helen Tionisio-Fala is a creative writer of Tokelau and Samoa descent. Born and raised in Petone, Wellington she is currently living in Rockingham, Perth with her husband.

Four warm letters
It’s where we stand
What we yearn
That dreamy sweet place we hope
Our children’s children’s children run free
Where laughter abounds sketched on walls.

A bonfire on the coldest night
Stretching icy cold hands to hold
Salvation and hot chocolate
It’s more than bridges over troubled waters
It’s the essence of family
The miracle of belonging

The place where you should not feel
It’s more than a house with windows and doors
Domestic bliss and chores
More than mowed lawns
It is the aroma of hugs and kisses
Anticipating loved ones awaiting your entrance

The silences of familiar comforts
The gratitude of framed memories
Where the heart dances in love
And sings freely
It is within you, around you
And galaxies away

Close your eyes
Let your heart take you there
Let the melody of moonlight
Welcome you dear
Draw near the warmth
Of these four letters