blackmail press 23
Hayden Williams
New Zealand

Enigmatic blue on a weekly basis Andy Leleisi'uao
Enigmatic blue on a weekly basis - Andy Leleisi'uao
Land snake.

Miniscule under an incessant sun,
I walked across wide river valley plains.
Where waters twist and meander over
land where the weight of the sky sits over
all things great and small alike, where echoes
reside for long moments only, slayed by
distances vast;
                        at last, convinced was I
that sly nobody was residing in
boulders; nobody waited coiled to strike
from tall grass; nobody stalked after me;
nobody was over my shoulder but
in the oiled tussock slid the sibilant king
of all imported imagined serpents, sung
to life by the wind, knifing my ankles
with thistles as I thought to walk faster.

Dream Catch.

On the borders of day and night;
at the fence between street-light and dark;
at the edges of back blocks hamlets
barks the black archetype, grown of all
imagined wolf ghosts, padding and
panting out and in among the birch posts
tall, which stitch the grey wood white.

Book Mark

My  younger  self  was  innocent.
Guilty of  rebellion,
sentenced  for  a  while  to  delinquency.
That  was  years  ago.

Today  I  opened  a  book
I  hadn’t  read  in  years.
There  on  the  page  was
the  body  of  an  insect,

like  a  pressed  flower,
its  wing  intact  like  the 
window  of  a  cathedral,
a  stain  where  life  had  ended

against  the  corresponding  page.
The  past  slammed  against 
present. I  shall  show  you
The  back  of  my  hand,

It  threatened.        I  know  it  like
a  scar, reminding  me
of  labours, vanities, glories,
this moment of cruelty now recalled,

and  a  self  vanished  forever.