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Hayden Williams
New Zealand

cast down - mephisto jones
Hayden Williams is an award wining essayist whose fiction, non-fiction, and poetry have appeared in various New Zealand publications.
No Future…

Pimply Sid Vicious was lucky
to last as long as he did.

Joe Strummer strums no more,
collapsed on the floor at just fifty.

The Jam got too small
for Paul Wella.

Ian Dury has an interactive public
garden dedicated to his memory.

The Vapours evaporated
into haplessness,

The Anti Nowhere League
got nowhere slowly,

The Stranglers choked
on a bad contract,

and The Buzz Cocks
look fuzzy on Youtube.

Johnny Rotten still awaits
the honorary doctorate
he rightly deserves,

but Shane McGowan –
worst alcoholic of the lot –
is miraculously resurrected
with actual friends,

proud of his new band
and brand new teeth.