Indecent Exposure

the bright green architecture


to the pulse of family

                winter freezes its silverware

my vigilance         creaks

& a wind god
rushes in

stabs his spear into the weak eye

of a hung out to perform

i’ve been accused of indecent exposure

i’ve made myself too obvious       goosebumps

texture          the earth’s        

fossil-fed layers of my skin

She’s Only Who She Is   

she blames the weather     the heat

fits awkwardly into this picture    
of beaches     paddocks
riverbanks     she speaks
of silences

of instincts which initiate      which
clot the blood    


she imagines
taking apricots from trees     grapes
from a trellis     the morning’s dark
treacle from the sun 

the woman hunts
for goats & rabbits     she comes

fierce-eyed     bordering
on the mystical     she grabs
at a fistful
of childhood pieces

she’s only who she is     picking up

sounds of distant harmonies


later     she will dig a trench for the moon
to sleep in

Iain Britton is a Te Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington poet and author of several poetry collections. His work has been nominated in the UK for a Forward Prize for Best Single Poem and Best First Collection. Poems have been published in such magazines as Harvard Review, Poetry Magazine, The New York Times, Landfall, brief, Stand, Agenda and the New Statesman. THE INTAGLIO POEMS was published by Hesterglock Press 2017. A new chapbook - Project Constellation - was launched this year by the London publisher Sampson Low.