S  e  c  r  e  t  s    blackmail press 24
Isha Wagner
New Zealand

Isha Wagner lives in Dunedin and has had two collections of poetry published – "Cuban Cocktail" (2007) and "Indian Shadows" (2008) – plus bits and pieces elsewhere.
(killed water skiing on the Waikato River)

Tumbling grey skies edging spring foliage
To the street where words fail to evoke
A memory of you standing at the door

A maroon-coloured car glides, stops
The same as yours, I think you've come
To visit me, running up the steps smiling
Your blond hair shining in the light

Eyes sparkling, springing out life
To go power-walking to the green park
But it's five years since the water goddess
Claimed your bright happy life

Overwhelming sadness is mine for today
Unless I make an effort to change
And dwell upon your being
Recalling the radiance within you
The self that enjoyed few limits

I wonder where you are, if you are

Deep within me lies a smidgen
Of hope so against my atheist ways
Perhaps the essence of you exists
In some unknown realm
I need the solid certitude to know
Though sadly, sadly, I don't.