James Barber
Aotearoa/ New Zealand

Cover Image - Pauline Wu 2017
Asian Angst

Asian angst in Auckland
Triads chopped in suitcases.
10 years of rag mag scapegoating

Of yellow peril races.

Land sales, immigration
and powered milk exports;
We're a small pacific nation
For big business tax rorts.

All business empires are founded
on greedy capital.
The Chows may be Chinese
But the evil profit’s in the till.

Gold miners have been around
For more than a hundred years
Since when politicians prey
On immigration fears.

With soaring house prices
Let's not blame the immigrants.
There's a broken system at the centre,

We've lived since our infancy.
Power and wealth are globalized
Their language is the same.
Don't scapegoat refugees or migrants.
They're not the ones to blame.

James Barber is an artist and activist currently living in Newtown, Wellington, with his partner and daughter