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Jenny Dobson
New Zealand

In Your Enigma - Ilinca Höpfner
Alone - Simon Williams
Jenny has been Secretary of the Hawke's Bay Live Poets' Society for seventeen years.  Her poem Matariki won the 2010 Sunday Star Times 'Time Out' Poetry Competition and her poems have appeared on little cards in Poesy Pizza Bread.
Chorography of Place

It was the hardest task
of all, a kind of communion

in the middle of chaos
there was faith implied
her bent fingers chuckling

the concrete shower block
those seagrass stools
around every corner
piano music, sparklers

in the night, open mouthed
skeletons and the water
its sheer wateryness
it was unsettling
it was not in the brochure

we waded in, expecting
therapies, found ourselves
heirs to those returned
soldiers, comrades
smiling out of photographs,
found ourselves brave
and foolish, found ourselves
floating, believing,

Chorography n. Geography.  1.  The technique of mapping regions.