blackmail press 35
Jocelind Dunford
New Zealand

Taipari O Maraea - Penny Howard
"I am a Dunedin writer and have been writing for over twenty years.  I've been published in many places including Sport, Takahe and the Christchurch Press"

Taylor’s Mistake

for my mother


mother & daughter
                                         out to sea

littered shoes


           a novel

between waves


fingertip strips

               sand and sky

the thin veilwinter sun


the hardest punctuation of all

                                                                    the full-stop

in the night

                your semicolon of breathing

      brackets of thought

floating through air

speech marks

as people gather to celebrate & grieve


       the full-stop

  your body

                      then the open sentence
           question marks rattling

                                                                like wind in the trees

The Grandpop poems


all day


the dirt piles up

the heavy shovel

               you heft over your shoulder

and the sweat!

     must be time for a cold one

nurse’s footsteps

                   in the corridor

    and a clipboard banging

                           the end of the bed

an earwig crawls
              the side of the hole you have made

all your hopes and dreams

       are down there

when noone looks

                     your mouth slips away


summer sky

wash of yellow ochre

  with a superimposed wash of rose madder

a single flower

           blots on the windowsill

To put in wash

                                your eyes a wrinkled blue

wet paper with a sponge

            paper at 30°

       the bed winched forward

                                           a slurp of watery tea

stroke across starting at top

all the things you didn’t say

   your grumble of breathing

                     and a silence
             we all missed


cadmium yellow                               
                                                    pale or lightest

cadmium red  

                        light or deepest

yellow ochre

raw sienna

venetian red


cerulean blue

lamp black

mars black