blackmail press 26
Janet L. Harvey
Ontario, Canada

from: Angipanis of the Abanimal People - Andy Leleisi'auo
Janet. L. Harvey lives in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. She has had numerous poems published in a variety of Canadian and US magazines and international anthologies, including: Sterling Silver, Feminine Magazine, Word Dance, Stella Showcase Journal, Spirit of Humanity (Artist for a Better World), Night Whispers ,Exit99,Gotta love Them (Old Mountain Press), Borderless Skies (CCLA), and Cross Culture (Black Mail Press). Janet is Poetry Canada's Global Contest Winner.

Trouble with being normal
for, Giovanni

The trouble with normal he says
I've tried it-didn't like it-
I'd rather feel emotions;

Happy, depressed, pissed & hate
That curls my personality like rumples   shoes

Mishap on discarded banana peel
The slick slides of lives' frozen impossible.

Pleading the midnight oath by crackling fire

          Cause nights I am Free -
To evade the normal meat-eaters thoughts
    In mired drunkenness

Philosophical cold cases gets final repair
With fingers holding aged evident firm grip.

I curse broken coffee cup in its sweet bedding
  for refill
Quite happy to lament of broken-ness this glass house
  built on faith and quick sand

Permission given to utilize my brain for universal  porn
again I can evade my hates- long seasons
&  money

by conforming to this mental cocoon mad world

Proven technique mind is closed shut
The silence sound likes condom rapper singing under pillow.

Buying milk at 3am not to let my self ran out

I like milk in my hair its halts stark frustration
And uncomplicated my gratitude of hell

Must admit I hate all traffic- all phone
        during amazing sex-

I am free from judgment-I can fuck
       The world who sleeps till dark melts
            Till my mind become numb
A bird sings its farewell to the blanket of darkness
As it peels itself against my terrified abandon. 

   I wish the night would never leave
       Day painfully opening my wounds
I don't wish to be normal he said
          I tried it didn't work


             As the grass and the sun
           the clouds and the oxygen-
A body inhales and a plant exhale.
             carbon monoxide.

One heart beats as you move in unison
to the motion Instigated  my a brain

the universe is energy-we are energy
  we are connected! we are one.


Silent words spill thought closed lips,
the bitterness locked inside.

Inside  belly  troubled as the tsunami at  sea
the hunger within cannot be aborted by pity

many action of  compassion required
to level this mounted desperation.

Brother against brother-children's tears fall
On barren soil war this echo across distant shores
mothers pray against unanswered prayers

she plea to extinguish  too much  human pain.

The Heart Beat of The Soul

I touched her in the moonlight she looked at me
And smiled.  I touched only an illusory veil of her
She's beyond the frame that hosts her
She is not of today or yesterday, she's eternity.
She is the skies and its languid dome,
contented in its unknown luminously sprit of now.

Her eyes glows celestially enthralled of all living matter;
Engulfed By the serenity of the river.   Turbulence swell
She empties the shambles of the world down diffusive path -
To spiritual beings open to guidance of saging spirit.
She waits for a message, more question than answered.
But she is freer than yesterday, and the day prior.

More wholesome; like the essence of a single rose
She finds abundant truth, evidence of supernatural.
Hemorrhagic surgery for the orphan in sprit
The core of one's innerness finding home in their eyes.
The visuals sparks nourishes the soul. Petals steer
All debtors forgiven reconciled and resurrected.

When the turbulence of her days melts into liquid wax
Drips from her darkest thoughts, sunray squeezes between
A nicest crack in the dungeon, and she opens the door
To the aluminous light of her soul, reaching beyond
The length of her self-to the super size inner being

Happiness they say it comes from within. It's a heartbeat.
               A special heart beat;
Not the heart beat, of the of the moon, or the sun
Nor the season's paintings multicolour's
That special heart beat is the heartbeat of the soul.
Where the sunrises with a wandering chime, ticking
And the virgin fresh of morn, tantalizes the senses
The vibrant of dawn's infant first cry a new dad wept.
When mountain is stagnant in its strength, deep within
Happiness lies in the heartbeat of the soul.


It was as if my touch scalded.  She grimaced in profound agony. "Don't shy away from me," I said  soothing her  unwashed matted  hair with my outstretched palms.  "I may seem so intense to you, but  I love you".

I had  never seen you before but I feel your spirit, penetrate  your darkness when I stand close to you so I can  pray the pain away.  Your stomach,  soft  with emptiness and rumbling distress..  Your sprit's weed-whacked  tangle,   barbwire fences in you soul".

I vow to cradle  you , you'll  never slip  through the cracks . Let me be there,  I want to be hungry with you so you wont feel alone.  You'll know  angels of mercy  hover beside you.

When  rain drops drips onto your face while you sleep. On  the ground. Without comfort of a mattress. I'll be there covering your feet. Magdalene. Even with  my hair.  Our bodies. Osmosis. Warm unit of  one.

Your  kitchen is nothing but mud puddle . Together we sip tears from leaf curls, relish residues of stones  and inside our sprits we smile.  Bounty.  Because together we achieve wealth. I'd rather  be empty with  you, two of us empty, that's how much I want to share.  I identify  with you.  You are me by the scars, even by your long indigence.

Be not silent.  You words are your weapon..  They will echo across the face of  many mountains, ripple many shores. Be immovable, then.  Listen.  I know you are wise. I am mother earth, your  greatest teacher.