blackmail press 37
Julie Mclauchlan
New Zealand


where is my rock , my grounding has gone
left standing on a pile of pebbles
no solid ground to bear my feet on
no longer firm in my standing..

where are my walls, my comfort and hiding place?
do they desert me so easily, without warning
left holding an idle pole, no roof just exposed beams
do they believe i can stay warm alone?

where are my cloths, i feel so cold and vulnerable
bearing my all for all to see, do they look away?
or stare straight at me, gleaming with sympathy
not realising their own misfortunes

where hide the wolves, waiting, and lurking
i know they are there, breathing in my space
entranced by my idle dance
they wait in wake...i make them..

where do i go from here, do i run a mile a minute?
do i stand strong and fight the beast i burden?
this dirt i stand on is crumbled, my foundation is not firm
each brick i stack bears me my new name..'broken'

Mere & Child - Penny Howard