blackmail press 26
Janet Newman
New Zealand

from: Angipanis of the Abanimal People - Andy Leleisi'auo
Janet Newman lives on Koputaroa Road in Horowhenua. Her children go to Koputaroa School where she learnt to read and write. She is being helped this year by a NZ Society of Authors poet mentor and studies English at Massey University.
Mist on Koputaroa Road                                          

At 80 k.p.h
I tunnel through white,

part feathers of mist                           
on the grey skin of road,

shout in awe. My voice
echoes between windows, doors

and written tributes litter the roadside
silent as empty nets.

Elders who woke in cloud
near waterways bending through rivers of flax

named the land in praise
of mornings like this:

as if the albatross from journeys told
slept here as they slept

and is rising from the swamp
towards the high country in the east,

its lifting breast,
its beauty

snared for generations
calling: Koputaroa.

Koputaroa, originally kopu-ou-taroa = breast of an albatross