blackmail press 39
Jessie Puru
New Zealand

Four Steps To Standing on a Horse - Penny Howard - 2014
Jessie Puru is of Maori and European descent. She is currently studying creative writing and Manukau Institute of Technology. Jessie lives in South Auckland and is mother of one child.

Now be less... 'diary'
and more storage - y
of prompts - ideas shine
if executed ideally.
if doubted -
I can be easily removed
not credited, associated
out of desperation.


Between her fingers rests
a smudged
butted cigarette

looking into the crater lined
with the city scape.
here she just knows

here everything is,
not disorientated with
sticky solid ground.

legs dangling off the edge
resting on an old trench
lost in pinky nail cars

hurriedly going about the city's
business -
her nose twists.

cogs in the clock.
she laughs at her metaphor
and takes a drag.

Third Date

Meat ripped, savaged
skin and cartilage
trapped deep between his fingers
almost webbed
lifted up to greased lips
moisture drawn from tongue
you enter his nostrils
what a disturbance!
your silhouette passes
through, circulates
his drunken brain
and exits through a snarl